RSL has been implementing the ideas of planners and architects for unique interior and exterior luminaires in its inimitable style for almost half a century. The result is one-off, location-specific lighting instruments and iconic luminaires for individual illumination concepts. It is only with these kinds of custom luminaires that partners of RSL can ­realise their ideas for specific projects, without compromise. With the two very contrasting approaches of integrated architectural lighting ­focused on technology and consciously visible sculptural illumination, the company has created a unique selling proposition for itself which has led to international renown and cooperation with world-famous architects of all hues since early days. RSL custom luminaires are not only found in pristine buildings designed by Mies van der Rohe and Hans ­Scharoun, but also in hotels, museums, airports and urban areas displaying creative opulence. Each product boasts »made in Sankt Augustin« workmanship, as all of the components needed to make the cus­tom luminaires ­are produced by machine and hand in the company’s ­own production facilities.

The references will give you an insight into the broad spectrum of custom luminaire construction at RSL. They might even inspire you with new light planning ideas that may initially seem impossible ­and encourage you that there is a solution for every challenge; a custom luminaire which is a tribute to both the ideas of the planner or architect and the practical requirements. 

Stage of Individuality. RSL’s new image combines three aspects intone harmonious symbol. The progression from dark to bright stands for light and its diversity. 

At the same time, taken with the basic circular shape, the symbol visually represents the individual cooperation process with light planners and architects – from the initial hand-drawn sketch, through designing, planning, construction and production in RSL’s own workshops to assembly and maintenance. 

The white space on the inside of the circle constitutes a symbolic ‘stage’ for the ideas of the light planners and architects, with no limits on creativity or diversity. 

The resulting symbol has high recognition value and imparts a feeling of reduction, clarity, value and precision within the context of the corporate design.