In the historic iCampus factory district in Munich, RSL, in close collaboration with Licht Kunst Licht and Drees & Sommer, realized light cubes for the inner courtyards of the i5, i6 and i7 office buildings of the Rohde & Schwarz corporate headquarters.

The result is a light cube whose deliberately reduced design underscores the clarity and simplicity of the foyer. The total of 141 luminaires thus blend seamlessly into the roof substructure and become part of the atrium interior. Light sources are on the one hand the three-sided illuminated diffuse cube itself, and on the other hand a centrally arranged downlight, whereby both light sources are separately dimmable.

The precisely configured technology with LEDs in tunable white makes it possible to realize occasion-specific usage options and lighting scenarios that can be used both as general and accent lighting. Particularly challenging in the production of the light cubes was the exact processing of the rounded corners in both the metal and plastic processing.


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